Tree saved in District 5 provides a few gains for residents

July 24, 2020

In late 2019 Lance Carnes filed an appeal to halt the removal of 5 ficus trees at 949-950 Fillmore St.  Over the past months SF tree advocate Josh Klipp and Lance have been negotiating with DPW Bureau of Urban Forestry (BUF), to make this situation more of a win than a loss for District 5 neighbors, and for all SF citizens and tree advocates.

Josh and Lance struck a deal with BUF that includes:

1.  Saving Tree 1 at 950 Fillmore St.  This leaves a row of 3 large ficus trees next to the northbound bus stop at Fillmore & McAllister.

2.  Planting 10–15 new trees in the area, including four in the basins where the about-to-be-removed ficus stand.

3.  Changes to the Tree Removal Notifications | Public Works website, to improve ADA access and to provide more complete information on trees proposed for removal.

The terms are shown in a letter from DPW (scan down to page 4).  It was explained that these terms are not strictly enforceable but show an intent by DPW to preserve and plant trees in District 5.  To get results, we will have to continue to contact DPW and remind them that trees are important to residents.

Chris Buck, DPW Urban Forester chris.buck@sfdpw.or

It’s sad to see trees removed, especially beautiful ficus trees.  However it seems we made a few wins along the way.