3 tree removal cases at Weds June 2 5PM Board of Appeals Meeting — Update

Update June 4, 2020 — Josh Klipp’s appeal of 544 and 578 2nd Street tree removals at the BPA hearing generated a lot of discussion among Board members regarding the City following its own rules for construction projects, and for respecting citizens who bring up legitimate concerns about construction zone tree protections which Josh showed are often ignored.  The appeal was denied, reason: the permit was correctly filed (the BOA often uses this to conclude an appeal, even though concerns were raised by Board members, which we hope DPW/BUF took note of).

Zach Karnazes’ item (5) APPEAL NO. 20-034, the removal of trees as part of the Palou Avenue Street Improvement Project, also generated a lot of questions by the Board, mainly because the protested trees were actually removed before the hearing.  The Board was concerned about the obvious mistake by the City and its contractors, and continued this appeal to the July 1, 2020 BOA hearing to allow the City time to investigate and report back on what happened.


Dear SF Tree advocates,

There are 3 tree removal cases on the 6/3/20 Board of Appeals agenda,  The first two are appeals of tree removal orders and the third is an appeal of a “denial of removal” (a resident applied for a tree removal permit but was turned down by DPW).

Josh Klipp is arguing Item (4) APPEAL NO. 20-028 for trees at 544 and 578 2nd Street.  His presentation to the Board is:  544-578 2nd Street Presentation video which can be viewed by clicking the link.

Zach Karnazes is arguing item (5) APPEAL NO. 20-034, the removal of trees as part of the Palou Avenue Street Improvement Project.

Item (6) APPEAL NO. 20-032 is a resident who wants to remove a tree but was denied by DPW.

Board of Appeals hearing, Weds June 3, 2020 5pm  Agenda

You can view the meeting online via SFGovTV at 5pm by clicking this link.  When it comes up, click on “Watch SFGovTV2” then click on the right-arrow to start the broadcast.

Watch on Local TV:  Local cable channels 26 or 78 (note there is a 10-second delay from the actual meeting).


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