Daily Tree Removal Updates

Proposed Daily Tree Removal Updates

The goal is to have street tree removal information updated daily on DataSF, similar to DataSF Street Tree Removal Notifications (which covers tree removals only where there is a permit).  Since our concern is street trees, the proposed DataSF Street Tree Removals would cover them and provide daily updates.

Check this Removals Spreadsheet  for all removal data up to October 14, 2020 (the latest copy of the DPW Tree DB I was able to get).  Look at the “Metadata” tab in that Spreadsheet for more detail on the contents, how to view tree photos, enlarge Comments and more.

DPW Urban Forester Chris Buck said recently he is in favor of full transparency and will look into putting this information on DataSF.  The technical work has been done, what remains is for DPW to add this to their other DataSF offerings.   It’s now December 23, 2020 — let’s encourage DPW to put this in place as soon as possible.

(Of course, if you find any problems with the spreadsheet or have suggestions on how to improve it, please get in touch.)